Hello there, i’m Tyrone and welcome to my site. I am from the beautiful Bahama islands, where I grew up fishing and diving. As I matured, I ventured into numerous work fields but always had a passion for landscaping, dealing with all sorts of different plants, grass, soils and sometimes fertilizers.

My story

To me, planting, maintaining and creating a beautiful landscape was always a wonderful and challenging task. It can also be very risky not having the right protection. I’ve learned that the hard way about 3 years ago working as a caretaker for a private homeowner.

The job included painting, pressure cleaning, mowing, tree trimming and grass planting, which led me to dealing with imported soil as well. I recalled using gloves about once when I planted the grass which was a huge mistake. About 4 days after I was finished, I started itching constantly around my fingers day and night, it was so irritating my nights became restless.

The next few days, my hands became infected and I became paranoid because nothing that I used, was helping my situation. The next morning, i went to nearby clinic, and was told that i had some kind of fungal infection. Although, not all fungi species are harmful, i remembered moving many stinkhorns and puffballs that grew around the yard, especially in summer. I never even had a clue of what these strange looking things were, and what made it more strange, nobody i asked had a clue either.


My fingers and fingernails were beginning to deform, it was an unusual sight to see, so i hid them, on the slick, whenever out in public. One doctor said that she never saw nothing as bad as my hands before, medications and pills that I was given, only slowed it but never killed it, It came to a point where I was unable to work. From that time to this I was searching and learning about fungi and its dangers, uses, habitat, etc. To see how bad my hands were really infected, take a look below.


Why I want to help people

Fungus is everywhere, and there are not hundreds, but thousands of different species, which can cause severe damage to humans, animals, equipment and products, trees, fruits, insects and even frogs and fishes. In fact, there are millions of fungal spores, floating around in the air that we breathe everyday.

My personal experience with fungus was a total nightmare, i almost lost it. It was very uncomfortable, while taking away most of my ability to work. It wasn’t a nice experience at all, and if not treated, it will get worst and spread, taking over the whole body. Anyone can catch a fungous infection which can lead to some serious illnesses. A fungi infection isn’t a pretty sight to see, and the less we know about fungus, makes it even worst, don’t you think? So, in sharing my experience, i think would help in bringing people to some kind of awareness about some benefits and also the dangers of certain fungi species, that we are surrounded by, everyday.

I remember when I was ashamed to show my hands to anyone and couldn’t work, while at the same time, the condition was getting worse. I’ve wasted money on cremes, even some things prescribed, praying for something to work, but nothing i had really did, it was very frustrating and kinda scary though. Miraculously, i can now say that my hands are totally normal again, and free from that old fungi infection, thanks to some old simple, and natural solutions, it was unbelievable.

The reason for this site

This site was created to assist people having questions about fungus, what it is, its importance, its dangers and its habitat. Also how to rid yourself, your gardens, and your surroundings, of fungus and its diseases. Since I was fortunate, not to lose both hands to the fungus infection, but was able to heal, i m glad to simply share some of my experiences and solutions with others who may, or may of had the similar problems.  It’s super good, when people can find  helpful information, especially in a time of need.

All the best.



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  • August 11, 2018 at 5:18 pm

    This is so courageous of you sharing your story to help others.


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