Fungal Diseases in Plants with Pictures

Many trees and crops are the victims of fungal diseases, resulting in huge losses of fruits, vegetables and sometimes causing great expenses, especially for most farmers.

This post explains about the various fungal diseases found on vegetable plants, fruit trees and other plants, including some pictures, so that one would be able to recognize, or identify the fungal infection of a plant, if ever coming across any, at some point.

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Classification of Fungi – different divisions

This is a post, explaining about the classification of fungi and how they reproduce. Despite the 100,000 species of fungi which have been recorded, mycologists are only just beginning to understand the diversity of these organisms.

Surprisingly, each year, about 1,000 new species are described, simular to plants, fungi are also grouped into seperate divisions, which are comparable to animal phyla. The main classifications of fungi are the 1.) Zygomycotas (zygote fungi)  2.) Ascomycotas (sac fungi)  3.) Basidiomycotas (club fungi)  4.) Deuteromycotas (fungi imperfecti).

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Fungi Diseases and infections in humans

There are various types of diseases caused by fungi in humans. I am going to mention some of the different diseases also the fungi that is mostly responsible for the particular infections. I am also going to mention in brief,  some of their habitats and how humans can come into contact with such diseases. It is so easy to become a victim, especially if you are unaware, it can cost you a whole lot, concerning your health.

Fungi diseases in humans

There are about 30 human diseases,that are caused by fungi.Such fungi resides in the soil, entering the body through a skin puncture or the lungs.

However, some fungi diseases can spread between humans or, from animals to humans, in addition, lesions of the skin are produced by certain fungi.

The fungous infections are called mycosis, the most common  are the superficial infections called dermatomycosis  or dermotophytosis. The less common are the deep-seated infections known as systemic mycosis.

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Fungi – what is it?

It’s estimated that there are over 99,000 species of fungi discovered worldwide, along with 1,400 species of Bacteria. Even though this is true, many people all over the world, still do not have a clue of what fungi really is. In this article I’m going to be explaining what is fungi, some different types, their reproduction also the benefits of some fungi.

What’s Fungi?                                                                           

Fungi is really a large group of single or multi-celled organisms, in some ways comparable to Algae in structural complexity but lacks chlorophyll.

This means that fungi is unable to manufacture its own food and are considered to be heterotrophic (dependent on organic substances for nutrition).

Fungi exist either as parasites on other living organisms or as saprophytes on organic debris. Although traditionally included with algae in the plant phylum thallopyta, fungi is believed to have originated from simple, animal like ancestors or from an immediate group known as protista.

Some fungi groups may have differrent ancestors than others. Compared with over 1,400 species of bacteria there are about 100,000 species of fungi recorded.

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